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Custom Liquid Titanium® Cooler - Your Design!

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Please contact us to discuss your custom cooler.  Pricing starts at $350.00.


Our Liquid Titanium® lightweight cooler improves blood flow without compression and accelerates the healing process.


This therapeutic cooler is as effective on a wet, sweaty horse as on a dry horse. Since liquid titanium can reduce lactic acid buildup this cooler has had very positive results with horses that have a tendency to tie up. Click for sizing



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Fenwick Liquid Titanium® fabric relieves arthritic aches and pains naturally through the Far Infrared (FIR) process which has been successfully used for centuries. Our therapeutic blanket can be worn as a stable sheet or blanket liner with no adverse effects and can be left on 24/7.


Remember, this blanket is breathable, so it can be used in hot, humid weather and your horse will remain comfortable. We used the sheet everyday in South Carolina at the training center in the summer heat, and the horses did not sweat.


If you notice your horse becoming sweaty after wearing the stable sheet for a few hours, it is most likely the Detoxification process. Warmth from radiant heat (infrared energy) helps to flush out toxic substances, heavy metals and other cell waste products through the sweat. This performance fabric functions equally as well on a wet horse as a dry horse.


Thoroughbred & Standardbred race horses have successfully worn this sheet in the barns to help naturally calm them before the race. Performance horses have worn this before a competition to naturally relax them mentally and physically.


This picture shows a horse's Body temperature before using the Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Blanket:



Picture 2 shows visible increased blood flow after 30 minutes of wearing the blanket. Also, there was no sweat present after removal of the Fenwick Liquid Titanium® blanket.



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