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Polo Wraps_EquSuede/sherpa fleece

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Fenwick Equestrian has designed a polo wrap combining the high performance EquSuede fabric and moisture absorbent Sherpa Fleece. The suede prevents the polo from slipping down the horses’ leg and the sherpa fleece gives your horse added protection without the use of cotton. We have tested this polo wrap in many disciplines with very positive feedback. The most interesting use of the product was by some polo players who used the polo under the Fenwick boot for double protection. Since both fabrics are breathable, your horse's leg will stay cooler. "A cooler tendon is a healthier tendon!"




Technical Fabric Qualities:

  • Velvety, but durable suede like top fabric is extremely breathable.
  • Soft Sherpa fleece is fast wicking & moisture absorbent. "A drier leg is a healthier leg."
  • 4-way stretch allows for a comfortable & attractive fit
  • 4-way stretch gives support to the tendon
  • Odor resistant
  • Fabric does not pile
  • White fabric does not turn yellow
  • Fabric will not rub or irritate legs
  • Machine wash & dry 


***Polo can be trimmed for a custom fit.  (A warmbloods hind leg requires about 11’, so we made the polo the maximum length required to properly wrap a leg.  A thoroughbred needs about 9'.)


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