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Fenwick Jade

★ Jade Cooler - Seeking the Soul ★

★ Jade Cooler - Seeking the Soul ★

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Production duplicate for Seeking the Soul - G1 stakes winner of $3.336 million

Breeders' Cup 2018 at Churchill Downs Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile - 2nd place finisher behind City of Light

White Jade cooler with purple embroidery

The cooling process of this product is naturally accelerated by body heat. Like all of our other products, the Jade cooler is moisture wicking, breathable and machine wash & dry.





Fenwick's Jade cooler is used by:



Jade brings luck and charm in the traditional Chinese culture and Fenwick Equestrian knows that all horsemen need luck, so we bring you “The Jade Cooler”. This revolutionary new process can reduce the skin surface temperature up to 10*F. Jade particles are infused into the fabric to produce a natural cooling effect. This cooling effect is activated when the body heats up and it continues to cool with body motion.

Folklore tells us about a queen in the Tan Dynasty who had Jade embedded in her clothing to ease the summer heat. Also, ancient Chinese warriors placed Jade stones inside their armour to stay cool in the heat of battle. Jade has also been used in jewelry for centuries, with no adverse effects to the body or skin. This makes Fenwick's Jade cooler very "horse-friendly!"

Research shows that Jade contains elements like zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium and cobalt which can help balance and generate energy in the body. Imagine how helpful this can be when cooling out your horse after a strenuous effort. During scientific testing of this fabric on human joggers, it has been proven to definitely reduce recovery time. This is another drug-free, cutting-edge product from Fenwick.

The patented technology of this fabric offsets heat and raises the quantity of water absorption which helps to cool your horse faster. Special characteristics of natural Jade allow this fabric to have a cool feeling because it requires a higher energy to become warm compared to cooling fabrics that are on the market today. "A cooler horse is a healthier horse!"



Jade Therapeutic Fabric Technical Qualities:

  • Instant cool to touch
  • Cooling process activated by body heat
  • Advanced moisture absorption
  • Quick dry
  • Energizes the body
  • UV-blocking
  • Anti-static
  • Silky smooth and 2-way stretch
  • Machine wash & dry


***We do not recommend this cooler for turnout!

***Get the EDGE with performance fabrics!


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