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Fenwick Equestrian

Jade Cooler

Jade Cooler

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Fenwick high performance cooler using natural Jade helps your horse cool down more quickly.  The cooling process of this product is naturally accelerated by body heat.  Like all of our other products, the Jade cooler is moisture wicking, breathable and machine wash & dry.

 The patented technology of this fabric offsets heat and raises the quantity of water absorption which helps to cool your horse faster.  Special characteristics of natural Jade allow this fabric to have a cool feeling because it requires a higher energy to become warm compared to cooling fabrics that are on the market today.   "A cooler horse is a healthier horse!" 


Jade Therapeutic Fabric Technical Qualities:

  • Instant cool to touch
  • Cooling process activated by body heat
  • Advanced moisture absorption
  • Quick dry
  • Energizes the body
  • UV-blocking
  • Anti-static
  • Silky smooth and 2-way stretch
  • Machine wash & dry
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