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How Liquid Titanium® Calming Masks Helped Our Horses Cope With Stressful International Travel

A few months ago we transported two of our much-loved horses, Don and Echo, from Australia to the UK. It was a huge journey for them – a ten-hour truck ride to Melbourne, a month in quarantine, then around 36 hours on a plane, and finally a three-hour truck trip to their destination. They had never done anything like it, and I was incredibly worried about how they would cope, especially Don who is a very nervous traveler.


For several months prior to their travel we had been using Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Therapy Masks to calm all our horses in stressful situations. We had been amazed by the results. The masks had noticeably calmed them while travelling, at shows, with the farrier, and even helped with separation anxiety and head shaking.


We prepared our horses for the journey as best we could, making sure they were as healthy as they could be, and trying to get them accustomed to some of things they would need to deal with on the journey, like being still for hours, jet engine noise and other airport noises. We even played them ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ to get them in the mood!


A key part of our strategy for helping them cope with the journey was the use of the Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Masks. They wore them during the truck journeys, and on the plane at all the most stressful phases - for take-off, landing and transfer between planes. My husband was with the horses during the flight and observed the calming effect of the masks first hand. We have no doubt that wearing their Liquid Titanium Masks helped enormously to keep them calm during both the truck journeys and the flight. We chose the version with ears to help reduce the noise, as well as to calm them.


Liquid Titanium Horse Mask


I was so worried and stressed about their travel – I would have benefitted from a calming mask myself! And I can’t begin to express my relief at seeing them arrive safely at the stables in England. Not only that, the grooms told me they travelled brilliantly – better than the other horses on the plane and better even than seasoned travelers. They also recovered from the journey really well. I honestly credit the Liquid Titanium Masks with being a large part of the reason my horses travelled so well. We continue to use the masks to help them in all manner of situations and we can certainly see the difference when they are wearing them, and for some time afterwards too. We use them to ride in to help them remain calm and focused during training. The relaxation they seem to get from wearing the masks is incredible.

We originally bought the masks just to use with our own horses, but we were so impressed that we started to sell them in Australia and became the sole distributor. We have had excellent feedback from our customers, who are also loving the masks and the ear plugs made in the same material. Fenwick Equestrian Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Therapy Masks, ear plugs and quarter sheets are available on our website.

See the range here:

Liquid Titanium Horse Mask

On arrival in England - reunited with their biggest fan

Liquid Titanium Mask

Liquid Titanium Horse Mask

The boys can't believe how green England is!

Liquid Titanium Horse Mask

The calming mask was handy to have on our first ride in England.

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