National Day of The Horse

National Day of The Horse

As we celebrate National Horse Day, Fenwick Equestrian wants to show our love and support by writing a blog about this special day!

What is National Horse Day?

It is a day to pay recognition to horses. We recognize the way horses have contributed to our economy, our history, and our culture. It is a day where many horse enthusiasts come together to celebrate these beautiful animals.

Why December 13th?

December 13th was chosen to be National Day of The Horse by a United States Congress Senate Resolution back in 2004. They chose to celebrate horses on this day so people across America would stop and acknowledge how horses have impacted our lives and the importance of the role they play.

A Brief History

Horses have played a major role in our history and still play a major role in our lives today. Before we had any form of transportation, other than our own two feet, people would ride horses. Being able to travel has helped human development and helped sustain civilization. Being able to have a faster way to travel allowed us to migrate, trade, and communicate with other cultures so much faster. Languages and different cultures were spread around the world. They were used for the pony express which carried mail across the country. Horses helped us even more when the first locomotives were introduced. They were the backbone of these locomotives and would pull travelers in these wheeled vehicles. Horses helped farmers with plowing their fields and hauling their goods for trade. Along with transport, horses were used for hunting and war.


Horses are still very prominent in our society. They are used for a variety of things, such as companionship, competition, trail riding, and therapeutic help. Horses' role in society has changed and we do not rely on them for all of the things we did in the past, but that doesn’t make them any less important in our lives today.

Ways to Celebrate

Whether you are a seasoned rider or you are new to horses, there are quite a few ways you can honor this day that celebrates one of the most majestic animals there is. You can visit a local horse stable and spend some time around the horses, visit an equestrian museum, take your horse out on the trails, or even throw a party in honor of horses. Just stroking a horse’s neck can give one a sense of well being. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, just remember to honor the horse and give thanks for everything they have done and continue to do for us!

If you are a horse owner and want to surprise your horse with something new, check out all of our horse wear by clicking HERE. We want to say thank you to horses. Without them, who knows where we would be today! For more information about horses you can visit our blog page by clicking HERE. You can also give us a call here at Fenwick if you’d like to learn more about our Liquid Titanium® Therapeutic products.

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