Fenwick LT Mask/Ear Size Chart

Sizing Measurements:  There are 3 important measurements when sizing a mask for your horse or pony.  The fabric width between the eyes (fabric should not touch eyes) is the most important, the circumference toward the bottom of the cheek bone (depending upon your horse's conformation, the mask does not have to end at cheek bone) and the length from behind the poll to the center of the face using the bottom of the cheekbones for a reference only.


Fenwick LT Mask



Fenwick Mask Sizing
Fenwick Mask Sizing Chart
Mask Sizing XSmall Small Medium Large Xlarge
Fabric Between Eyes 2.5" 3.75" 5.25" 5.50" 5.75"
Poll to bottom of mask 13" 13.5" 15" 16" 17"
Circumference at cheek bones 18" 20" 21" 23" 24"


***Measurements are approximate as masks are hand made in USA.  A tight, compression-type fit is not necessary for effectiveness.

XSmall: ponies, weanlings 
Small: ponies, yearlings, Morgan, Arabians    
refined quarter horses, small thoroughbreds   
Large: thoroughbreds, standardbreds
XLarge: larger heads, warmbloods, sport horses


 Ear Height from tip of ear to poll
XSmall                          4"
Small                             5"
Medium/Large               6"
XLarge                          7"