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Love the Fenwick LT Calming Mask and Stable Sheet!

I’m always exploring products that can help my horse perform better. For Athena, this means reducing stress, helping her focus more and soothe her tight and sore muscles from a good ride. 


Through my research, I discovered Fenwick Equestrian and in particular, their LT Calming Mask and LT Stable Sheet. Both are amazing and have been a game changer in our training. 


The LT Mask as described on the Fenwick website is “ The first and only therapeutic mask which can help your horses relax and focus naturally.” The mask is drug free, has 4 way stretch and is designed using Fenwick’s Liquid Titanium Far Infrared fabric that is both breathable and wicking. This makes it very comfortable for your horse to wear.  For more information about the technology, you can check out the Fenwick website here.


As an owner, I’ve seen first hand the positive effects the LT calming mask can have. Athena is easily distracted during our training and is often spooky and nervous in new environments and situations. Over the years, I have tried a variety of supplements and while some may have worked, the results where hard to quantify. Others did nothing. I continued to search for a better product that I could use situationally that I could really see and feel an improvement in her behavior. The LT Mask was it! From the very first time I put it on,  I immediately noticed a difference in her behavior. After fastening the Velcro straps, while still standing in the cross ties, she immediately licked and chewed, a sign of relaxation. During our ride, she got right down to business… it was as if the mask had helped her put her “work hat”  on or mask as in this case. She was all business, focused and ready for my cues. She was less distracted and the spooky corner wasn’t nearly as scary as it has been. I was thrilled. 

I continued to experiment with different situations. I’ve used the mask for trailering, on trail rides, and when riding in new places.  While it isn’t a cure all for spookiness, Athena still has her jumpy moments on trail rides and still gets distracted from time to time, overall she has a much calmer demeanor and a much more focused attitude when wearing her mask. 

The fabric is super stretchy and cool. We’ve finished some pretty intense rides and other than a little sweat behind her ears, she isn’t any more sweaty under her mask than she would be normally…. And we live in Hawaii! 


I’m a huge believer.  This mask is now fully integrated into our regular riding. We call it her “Zorro super hero mask”.  It gives her that extra edge of confidence and poise to conquer new situations and be her best self, bringing her “home personality” on adventures where ever we go.  

Post ride, Athena loves her Fenwick LT Therapy sheet. After her bath or hose down, she nudges me as if to ask for her “blankey”. It’s pretty cute. She always stands still, not a common occurrence for miss busy body, as I drape it over her. Almost immediately I get a sigh of relaxation and usually a yawn too. I often feed her a small snack or let her hand graze for a bit while wearing her sheet. The fabric is light weight. Even if I leave it on overnight or longer during the day, I’ve never found her to get sweaty. As an added bonus in the evenings, post bath the wicking properties of the blanket act as a cooler to help her dry off more quickly, which is fantastic. The stretchy fabric, hugs her body, and broad Friesian shoulders without being restrictive.  I’ve even used this sheet before our rides on cooler mornings to help warm her muscles up before we get to work. It’s been another fantastic and multipurpose product in Athena’s wardrobe. 

For more information or to purchase check out the Fenwick website: 

Fenwick LT Calming Mask

Fenwick LT Blanket/Stable Sheet

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