Liquid Titanium® Ear Bonnet

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 Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Therapeutic Ear Bonnet has the same naturally healing technical qualities as our blanket and mask. The Ear Bonnet is a wonderful tool for schooling the performance horse who needs to calm down a bit and focus. It fits nicely under the bridle and is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric, so your horse will not sweat as much.


"A relaxed and focused horse performs better!"





This "drug-free" breathable, fast wicking, 4-way stretch fabric makes our ear covers very comfortable for your horse while schooling or competing.


Two of the technical qualities of Fenwick's therapeutic Liquid Titanium® are increased awareness and a reduction of nervousness and anxiety. Another very important advantage of our mask and ear covers are that they are a "drug free" product. The products are machine washable. Anyone who has ever been around horses will know that not everything works on every horse, but we are very confident in our Liquid Titanium® products.


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