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Fenwick Liquid Titanium

LT Sheer Scarf

LT Sheer Scarf

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Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed fabric incorporates a patented technology which has resulted in the production of a highly functional therapeutic scarf that heals and relaxes muscles naturally. Our Liquid Titanium® products improve blood flow without compression and accelerates the healing process.

Liquid Titanium is our brand name.  



Our Far InfraRed fabric enhances the body's natural ability to heal!"


Fenwick Liquid Titanium can be used for many symptoms, from relief of headaches and stress to giving you a boost of energy.  The benefits of Liquid Titanium may vary from person to person, but consider this scarf if you are interested in a natural product that can heal!  Research has been proven that Liquid Titanium helps to increase focus and awareness, improve blood circulation and immune response, detoxify as well as promote a calming effect.


Liquid Titanium produces Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which is a light energy and is considered essential to our well being and health. According to NASA, infrared stimulation is an ideal way to maintain cardiovascular stimulation. Fenwick Liquid Titanium® fabric produces internal warmth enabled by Far Infrared Rays that are able to penetrate into the skin's subcutaneous layers where they convert into radiant heat, raising the body temperature. Blood circulation is the result, thus beginning the "domino-effect" increasing metabolism and creating an improved immune response. Detoxification is achieved as the warmth from radiant heat helps to flush out toxic substances, heavy metals and other cell waste products through the sweat and fat glands in the skin. In addition, our Liquid Titanium® fabric has eased nervous tension, stress and anxiety producing a calm and balanced mood with increased awareness in many people.


Far Infrared Therapy is a natural, drug-free healing method to relieve pain, restore energy and boost the immune system.

  This performance fabric functions equally as well, whether it is wet or dry. 



Feel better Naturally with Liquid Titanium products!

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